Band History / Members

Rob Kay Kaminski

Lead vocals/ guitars/ keyboards/ weird noises  

Rob is the only remaining founding member of 'The Creeping  Chaos,' along with Mike Stoker and Kyle Mikolajczyk back in  December of 2014. Performing live since 2004, Rob has been  involved in multiple music-related endeavors, most notably in his  early band 'O.W.N.O.' and as a guitarist with 'Ded By Dezine.' He  has also been the primary lyricist for The Creeping Chaos, as well  as the artist/ layout designer for the albums. 

Derek "D-Unit" Samp  

Bass/ backing vocals/ bearded freshness  

Derek joined The Creeping Chaos on bass in 2015, and has been an integral part of the group ever since. Mentored on guitar by Chris "Doc" Holliday, he is an alumni of the bands 'Strummer,' 'Citizen Grin' and 'Project Stalemate.'  Derek first began performing  with Rob around the summer of 2014 in their acoustic group, 'The Arcades Project,' creating a great improvisational chemistry.  On  some special occasions, 'The Arcades Project' has opened the  show  for 'Chaos,' and still performs today. 

Donny Stanfill  

Lead-Rhythm Guitar/ Shenanigans  

Donny joined the group in 2016, making his first official stage appearance at The Token Lounge, (the night of the now infamous  'Dokken Debakkle.')Donny has been melting faces with his  blistering guitar outbursts  for quite some time, amazing the fans and deafening the elderly. 'Ded By Dezine'  would  once again provide a link, as Donny was one of the original  guitarists! In the past, he  has also been spotted rockin' about  with 'Society Hostile' and 'Project Stalemate!'  He is often blurry in photos because he converted an insulin pump into a device he uses to "mainline" Red Bull.

Stacy Jean Binelli  

Drums/ percussion/ wisecrackery  

Stacy took over drum duties at the beginning of 2022, debuting  at a show in support of Nita Strauss, (coincidentally at The Token  Lounge as well.) After  expressing a serious interest to fill in for  former drummer David Warren on a prospective tour with Strauss, an audition as the full time drummer was  soon to follow... Stacy has been no stranger to Chaos, playing alongside them on several rosters with both 'Mercy Beach' and  'Sugarpunk Fairies.'  Formally trained, she has been in a wide array of musical projects ranging from hard rock to dance recitals, not to mention being a professional model, working a number of runway shows for big name clients, including L'Oreal and Wella. A self -proclaimed geek, she also has a mechanical engineering degree and a Masters in Business administration from Kettering University.